Buy and own Aircraft with changes to Pegasus and Aviation

Allow civilians to own aircraft within Los Santos, keep the Rental system active. So people have that option still, but allow Civilians to buy aircraft within that tier/license. No Impound, if you crash your airplane if it breaks mechanically then allow a repair kit to allow the aircraft to limp back to the hangar under duress. If the plane explodes into oblivion, then you need to buy a new one. It will encourage safe flying behaviors.

Using a plane or helicopter during a criminal activity will black list that individual from attaining a license again until they get their record expunged. If you’re arrested for any reason, police should remove your pilots license so that it may be re-acquired through Pegasus aviation at half the fee and reinstruction required to prove validity. (if there’s no arrest record consistent with the license being taken away, then normal reimbursement free applies to reinstatement)

Make both ID and Pilots license required to remove aircraft from the “parking hangar” where they are stored, keep an automated log of everything that goes in and comes out that Pegasus can access via tablet. Also any arrest records pertaining to licenses be accessible via tablet, PD can send off a copy of the record to Pegasus so they can appropriately deal with the consequences of that.

Allow Package delivery jobs to be accessible via automated loading system without the need for a Pegasus employee to help load the boxes and charts. (add a service fee as to inspire pilots to load with a Pegasus Employee say $15,000 as that is the rental cost of the Maverick we are paying that now, but if you own a Maverick you wouldn’t be charged that unless you autoloaded it)

Enable cargo deliveries for Fixed Wing Aircraft, landing locations for LSIA/Sandy/Grapeseed and eventually the Island location. Balance the time/$ ratio with Helicopters by ether adding Multiple landings per airfield or having to load up more often within the same Period to equal the same Dollar Value per time. (keeping consistently under the earnings of using a Civilian job available at the job center)

Add fuel stations by airports in Designated areas.

As far as RP? It adds to the emersion of actually being able to fly within Los Santos, people can open up their own side hustle owning their own aircraft. Delivering goods or ferrying people around without requiring a Pegasus employee to rent them an aircraft and attain that RP on the fly, pun intended. Using an aircraft during a crime would be interesting if you could get away with it, PD’s Air 1 can enforce the Skies. But could be a possible work around having a “transponder” on every aircraft so it shows up on the Map for all Pegasus employees and PD/FIB or whatever enforcement agency wishes to enforce air traffic laws. Could have some good RP with air enforcement using weaponized aircraft to support local aviation laws.

I really wish this would have gained more traction in the community. These changes would make things a lot more fun for us pilots in the city