Auditing Businesses

Aug '22 - There are so many businesses in this city, yet many of them are rarely in operation. Restaurants, clubs, bars, etc. are all over the place but not very often do you see employees there so that you can buy things. A couple restaurants are fairly consistent, but I’ve been in this city for 3+ months and sometimes play off and on all day long and have yet to even see some places ever open. My suggestion is that businesses in the city are audited to see how many employees they have hired and how many hours the business is open per week or even per day, and if they dont meet the quota someone else who is interested is given the opportunity to take over that business or even open a similar business of there own. Myself and many others I know who clock a lot of hours in this city arent given an opportunity to run a business because we are told they are not accepting businesses at this time due to the number that already exist. There should be enough employees working each one that make it possible to be open at some point every day or at least 5 days out of the week if they want to retain their stores. The best option is to have employees who essentially have shifts and can keep these businesses open around the clock - which would be my strategy if given the opportunity to own one or the people I know that would do the same.

Also, Pegasus should have around-the-clock staff to ensure people can get rentals at anytime OR at least have enough people working there that make it possible to have Pegasus open a minimum of 8hours a day. Given the fact that people from all over the world are in this city, having employees from different time zones is helpful in keeping businesses open for all citizens in the city to enjoy. Many days I only see one of the employees in the city and not have access to rentals for 12+ hours. This isn’t any one persons fault, the issue is not enough employees hired and also not enough employees who can be on at different times. The best way is to have multiple people from any given time zone able to clock in.

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