Anyone interested in doing some trucking? Over 'n' out!

Hey, everyone!

A job that I feel would give everyone a peaceful and relaxing way to make some money, and have fun doing so, is to haul trailers. Even though there are large trucks to drive already for pay, the 18-wheelers offer a more unique experience. The maneuverability (or lack thereof) provides technical challenges when driving in the city and along the highway when making it to your next stop.

For the less law abiding citizen, this offers a new bulky target where cargo can be stolen (if scriptable) OR another target for robbery. Not everyone remembers to go to the bank!

The versatility of such a job offers a fair amount for everyone involved.

“Not everybody remembers to go to the bank”

It’s against the rules to hold someone up just for their cash

While I also would love to see a trucking job, I suspect part of the reason one doesn’t already exist is collisions and desync issues with trailers. Often when I hotwire a freight truck, the trailer will pop out of place and make driving the truck impossible, phase through the truck, or just disappear alltogether. One of those things, usually disappearing, happens to 60-70% of all freight trucks I grab, so it’s a real treat when one of them just works, right up until some idiot slams into the back of it and… collisions.

I also enjoy the challenge of maneuvering a trailer, it’s a skill very few people have, but I just don’t think the game handle’s it properly.