Anxiety & Pill Suggestions

First: I have had many people ask me when I treat them (I am an EMS) as to why I am using Adderall for anxiety when in reality, Adderall is not good for a patient/person with anxiety episodes and can make the panic disorder/panic attacks worse. Adderall is meant for ADHD and is not used in treatments for anxiety. I suggest that the pill be changed over to Klonopin. Klonopin is used to treat seizures, anxiety as well as panic disorders, and is less habit forming then other panic disorder pills. This would greatly increase roll play and this one pill would allow us to treat multiple symptoms such as people having seizures in the ICU as well.

Second: As for anxiety in the city, I believe the system should change slightly to how it currently functions. Yes when you are driving a car very fast your anxiety will raise, but as you slow down, your anxiety levels do as well over a short time period. I believe that your anxiety should natural diminish over a set time and not stay peaked out 5-10 minutes later unless you take a pill. If you added this function to how it currently works, it will still make anxiety pills useful to people that are constantly at high speeds (PD, EMS etc.) but not make anxiety a permanent thing until treated.

Both of these features would enhance the roleplay tremendously and make things much more of an immersive feel how anxiety works in the real world as well as the pills that are used to treat such disorders.

Adderall was originally put in as a callback to the server owner, not so much a staple to the medicinal community.

Anxiety does diminish over time, but takes prolonged inactivity that makes it rise. Most people just pop Adderall to “cure” the problem.

I still feel that Adderall is still highly valued regardless of adding a faster demishing effect on anxiety. If it wasn’t then people wouldn’t be at pillbox constantly looking to get more.