Anonymous Contact/Socials

Suggestion: Be able to create/chose a unique anonymous twitter name !! Or be able to contact police/emergency services anonymously on your mobile phone.

Reason why?

PMA-RP is about that slow burn RP. and there is nothing slow burn by turning every situation into a shoot out. And there is Pro’s to both sides not only the crims.

Pro’s for Crims:

  • In what you call a stalemate situation you are able to negotiate terms. It doesn’t have to result in shooting the police dropping them and getting away scot free without anyone remember / Nor the other way round.

  • Limits Car chases and Damage control:
    This will massively reduce Chases and shootouts in public places. Gangs will be more willing to try find a location to hold - Such as buildings/sites with cover - Rather than speeding through legion trying to shoot up the place when things go wrong.

  • Allows for additional planning:
    Allows crims to have a plan B to their A that isn’t just pure shootouts. Where things go wrong and people get salty.

  • Gang Vs Gang Beef:
    Gangs are able to take hostages and take photos or even reach out to enemy gang members to negotiate without having an instant warrant on them. This allows more room for Roleplay, between gangs that do not just instantly start a shootout.

Pros for Cops:

  • Allows them to take more time on individual scenes:
    Slow burn rp isnt just about slowing it down for the criminals. But the police too. You can have situations where sure the crims get away but they are able to investigate further and fully incorporate their role as a police officer. At the moment being a police officer is just glorified GTA online 99% of the time. In order to fully become slowburn RP. Not only the crims but cops also have to slow down.

  • It gives the detectives something to detect. Cops can negotiate their terms too in response. For example “If we give you free passage to the cars you have to take off your masks, show us who you are” or “As long as you leave the guns at the door”
    Or just allows the police to remember without getting dropped and their body cam smashed and crims turning to the pvp option to commit the crime without the possibility of doing the crime.

  • Cops can roleplay as cops.
    In PMARP, I fully believe cops have to have complete disregard for their life when dealing with gangs, Rushing into unknown territory against unknown numbers/ Unknown weapons. Is not how police should operate. Police should have an option end a situation peacefully that does not risk their life or shout corruption across the city.

Possible Issues?

Some believe the city is not mature enough to be trusted with this level of RP.
But in my opinion you have to start somewhere.
Give us some more RP freedom on the criminal side, Theres also a ton of benefits for normal civilians - Being able to post things without everyone instantly knowing who they are, or someone hunting them.

Weve had some internal discussions on this. There are some ideas in the works regarding burner phones with limited usage which will allow for “anonymous” phone functions but will unlikely involve twitter, but its pretty low on the priority list at this time.

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