Alternate hair for headwear

This has been bothering me for some time, being unable to wear hats/helmets when using certain hairstyles. The clipping is really bad at times, and requires using either entirely different outfits just for the sake of different hair, or not using headwear at all.

So i suggest adding an “alternative hairstyle”, which would serve the purpose of taking care of clipping among other things. Could also be used for RP reasons like, for example, tying up hair for EMS when performing first aid, or when going for a swim

Could work with the G menu, where it just switches the hairstyle. Or a / text command. Or how masks work now, but instead with a “hairtie”
Being able to choose “alternative hairstyle” in normal clothing stores to save it as an option, referring again to how masks are managed nowadays, would make it very simple to figure out.
It would overall just enrich the city, not just for RP but QOL overall.