Add traffic cameras

Suggestion: There is a way to add “traffic cameras” to scattered intersections to enforce realistic driving. Anyone who speeds/doesn’t stop at these random intersections will get a ticket automatically. They should he added near job center, legion, and a few other random spots throughout the city.

How will it expand RP: This will enforce realistic driving depending on the ticket price, nobody wants to lose money.


I´ve thought of this idea for a long time in multiple cities. The idea is good, my question is how to implement it so that it doesn´t become just an annoyance.

I have seen places where the traffic cameras were implemented. It was a really amazing fluff which added a lot to the RP. It is fun, especially when you forget about cameras, you get fine depending on your speed, and you have to drive and pay them off at the PD. If you collect many unpaid fines (8+) and you don’t pay them for 3 days, then you get a warrant on you. I personally loved it. It controlled people to drive more realistically at least in a specific few areas, added a lot of RP scenarious among friends mocking friends for tickets, police taking your fines, or catching you with 9 unpaid fines. I think it would be amazing addition.

i like the idea but i don’t see a reason to get a ticket automatically in my opinion it should read your plate and alert the cops that this plate passed there with a speed of 150miles for example

I think this suggestion was made before the vehicle changes, and I don’t think this would really be needed anymore.