Ability to clock in and out (or job switch kiosk) in Pillbox/PD

I would really like to have the ability as an EMS to be able to clock off and on inside of the Pillbox Hospital. Right now having to drive to the job center in my EMS uniform, switching jobs to clock out then going to change takes away from the immersion of the job, as well as just plain out doesn’t make sense =) I would love to see some sort of clocking out option available at the job site for EMS/PD.


Think a lot of jobs need/want this, no idea how hard it would be to actually do (would probably be relatively easy, changing clothes on clock in/clock out wouldn’t be)

Yeah the clocking in/out is the real push here. I’m not requesting an auto clothes changing feature, I just wanted to mention the multi step process I always take at the job center to hurry and hop out of uniform. Thanks for the response @AvarianKnight !