A new way to get rubber

i would love to see another way of getting rubber… alot of mechanic shops here in city have seen the shortage in this substance… not alot of people like spending days of their time to scour the beaches for it through metal detecting… i would like to see rubber show up in the garbage runs or even a way to break down the millions of dildos that are in city to get the rubber back from them.
i feel that this process in itself could also be used for retaining materials from other parts of things as well… like if i have an excess of car trunks… i could recycle it for the materials to use in a different component like doors, or hoods.
much like the crafting process for plastic… i feel like this in itself could expand rp and make economy a bit better knowing that you could dismantle things for materials, it could also become a buisness platform for the great few that would want to have a job in recycling.