A more realistic female body

for a while now i’ve been complaining how my boobs and body just wasnt realistic… i even looked into getting a ped model but that would just be way too complicated. or even just a breast job woulda made life better but even that would be too complicated and the clothig might not fit as good as intended… so i have found this… as a half way to making us females lives a bit better in the process. Not only does it improve our bodies the way they should be… but also works along side of the clothing that we already have. New Body for MP Female Characters (w/ breast physics and more) 1.0 – GTA 5 mod
I feel this would expand our rp options, as well as bring in a more defined self esteem to not only us females, but those who like enjoying us around. i did notice that one of the torso’s even had body physics- which could actually come in handy when taking on multiple jobs… cause realisticly… our boobs would jiggle if we were dancing, working, jumping, etc etc.
it’s a small change… but it’s a most welcomed one.

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This is two “arms” models. If you wanted to use this, you could never use gloves or wear any clothing that would normally clip through or needs custom arms. A bikini would work, and jackets, but most of our addon clothing would have clipping problems. To replace the arms with this would unfortunately cause more problems than it solves